Stockholm, Sweden

Ok, I’m looking to gather people interested in TTN in the Stockholm area so have updated the community page. I organised a meetup on the topic of “wireless” which ended up being more about LoRa and TTN with a few other interesting presentations as well.

If you’re interested, please check out the videos we recorded here.

Get in touch if you have ideas and input and join the community on the community page.

Look forward to the discussions!



I just posted a suggestion for a pub crawl on our community.
then I realized it is not possible to edit or comment on the posts, so I am posting here with a call for input on this Idea.

The event will happen, but it will be more fun if I am not alone.

Sounds like a Great idea with a pub crawl! Working on my RAK wireless board. Hope I will have this working by then.

Not sure I’ll be able to join but a great idea nonetheless!

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Starting at Nya Carnegie bryggeriet at 16 on Saturday May 12.
Weather forecast looks good and we still have 2 spots at the table.
If you plan to arrive late, here is live tracking of the event.
Live tracking
Data is sent over Lora and the things network.

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Hi Melbratt! Still active here? care to meetup (meat space) or online? I’m consirering pretty large installation and need better understand what would be gained by joining TTN.


Yep yep - pinged you on masto