Stopping unwanted uplinks

How can i disabled these uplinks that just show rssi and snr from the lmic library?
Or is there any function to call from my code that disables these uplinks?
I am using an arduino with a dragino shield.

Was the downlink set to confirmed?

If so, you are seeing the confirmation from the device.

These uplinks i assume do not have anything to do with downlinks.
They appear even when there are no downlinks and it also seems like it accurs every 17 uplinks.
After join-requset messages i am sending only 1 uplink message in the setup part of the arduino code (black arrow).
Then, from where i do not know, there is an uplink without payload just snr and rssi info and after 17 uplink messages that i am sending, again there is this unknown uplink (red arrows).
The uplinks that i am sending are with acks "LMIC_setTxData2(1, uplink, UPLINK_LENGTH, 1); "


Please read the fair access policy of TTN. You are allowed a maximum of 10 acknowledgement downlinks a day, so please change this to unconfirmed uplinks. And you are sending far too often to stay within the 30 seconds airtime a day allowed for uplinks.

Could they be uplinks with just MAC responses in them?

I notice with my LMIC node that after it joins and sends it’s first uplink, another two uplinks follow in response to MAC commands sent from the server.

Then about once a day I see something similar happen.

It’s worth using a packet decoder to see what’s in the fopts part of the messages, and looking in the LoRaWAN spec to see what they mean. I looked into it earlier this year and it explained the extra uplinks I see in my nodes.

Search for an online lorawan decoder and you’ll find one you can paste the base64 payload straight into.