Storage integration stopped sending data

I have used storage integration for the past 10 months to regularly pull my data to my system. I do this regularly, scheduled every 5 min so I don’t need long persistent memory but I do think it is easier to manage than streaming, as it can handle small outages of the system.

As of 17/04/2023 16:30 (UTC) I do not get any new data. Is somebody else having the same problem?

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Hello, yes, we have the same problem, we have been using storage api for years and yesterday at 18:30 we stopped receiving data. The sensors send data and these are seen in the TTN console but the storage api does not return them normally.

Same here, haven’t seen any new data since 2023-04-17 16:10:34 and I can see real time data in the TTN console.

On this website you can try to make a call and see that data is returned. In other words, the STORAGE INTEGRATION API returns data on that website but our usual acquisition method has stopped receiving them.

Same problem here.

Hello. Yes, same here. I have two applications using the storage integration and both stopped at around 16:30 UTC 17/04/2023. I’ve tested with the MQTT integration and that’s still working fine.

Are you sure you’re not being rate limited - if you need the data that fast, a Webhook is the kindest load on the free community servers.

For everyone, it appears that Storage Integration isn’t working so one of you will need to report it on Slack as unless a TTI engineer just happens to pop by, nothing will happen.

Thanks for reporting. We are now investigating the issue.

In this website you can see that the data is returned from the Storage integration API but it is old data, that is to say, in our case they return data between:


and the


That is, the API itself has not returned data for 17 hours. It’s not our problem, it’s the Storage Integration API.

I actually don’t need it every 5 min. I can reduce the rate, but I haven’t seen any limits (and I only pull the last bit of data). Clearly it is a general problem.

The current problem is a general problem, it’s nothing particular to you for asking for data every 5 minutes. But maybe if it was spaced every 30 minutes or more it would be interesting to avoid saturating servers. I recommend even if it is feasible to ask every 60 minutes (24 times a day) which is the practice that we usually use.

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I rescheduled to 30min request. If this doesn’t create too much issues; I might move to hourly requests later on.

We’ve applied a fix and the API should be returning the latest data. Data storage wasn’t affected. It’s just the retrieval.

PS: This issue was in the The Things Stack Cloud and not the community edition.

I just checked and it does not receive data. everything still doesn’t work. No data received in the last 17 hours.

It’s working just fine for me now. And all the “missing” data is there too. :slight_smile:

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FYI, it had impacted TTS CE too

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Now it has been corrected and everything works normally. It has to work for all of you again.

This issue is fixed. Closing the topic.