Storage time of V3 data

Hi, I have a network of rain gauge sensors in a forest in mid Wales which were recently ported over to V3. I have read the storage integration documentation and it says that the data is stored on a ‘persistent’ database. How long is this data stored for, as when i try and do a curl request I only get the last two days worth of data?

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On v2 it was only 7 days.

On v3 it is considered a BACKUP not a primary data feed. I have a canary node and I can get data as far back as midnight yesterday.

Please look at any of the other integrations like WebHooks or MQTT to get your data out. These may help:

I’m pulling the data via node-red, so all is good there. I was just a little confused by the documentation, it seems to imply that it is stored for longer than 2 days :’ Storage Integration

The Storage Integration allows storing received upstream messages in a persistent database, and retrieving them at a later time.’
I don’t know who is responsible for the documentation, but i would respectfully suggest that it is made a little clearer.

You are - please post an issue GitHub. Although it doesn’t say how long a later time is. And we get it for free.

It is entirely configureable so if you want to move over the a paid instance, you can get that set to whatever you need.

Forgive my ignorance, but I dont’t know how, or where to do that :frowning:

We are going to have the University data repository store the data, but they’re not up and running yet!

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I have the same question. Did you find out for how long is the data is stored. If we want for a long period of time, do we need to pay for it?

If you enable it the TTN Data Storage Integration is a short term back up only - assume around 24hrs… useful for buffering potentially missed data only…for long term storage you need to implement your own data extraction and capture to your own servers/database.

Nick @descartes provided these get you going scripts for TTSA last year (The Things Summer Academy - GIYF - You-Tube videos :wink: ) that you may also find useful…


Yes, if long period of time = 30 days. But only then as a mechanism of last resort.

As data is usually on an annual cycle, storing it forever is best practise, so using a webhook in to a database is a good thing.

Trying to use the Data Storage as a data base will be rapidly curtailed - if you want others to have access to the data, you need to ingest it in to your own database and provide an API from there.

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There are a verity of cloud hosed or on prem you can use for storage, but this you will need set up yourself.

To the question of the time period on V3, form the doc

Data retention period is 30 days for The Things Stack Cloud and 24 hours for The Things Stack Community Edition distributions. For The Things Stack Enterprise distributions, data retention period can be configured.