Storage time of V3 data

Hi, I have a network of rain gauge sensors in a forest in mid Wales which were recently ported over to V3. I have read the storage integration documentation and it says that the data is stored on a ‘persistent’ database. How long is this data stored for, as when i try and do a curl request I only get the last two days worth of data?

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On v2 it was only 7 days.

On v3 it is considered a BACKUP not a primary data feed. I have a canary node and I can get data as far back as midnight yesterday.

Please look at any of the other integrations like WebHooks or MQTT to get your data out. These may help:

I’m pulling the data via node-red, so all is good there. I was just a little confused by the documentation, it seems to imply that it is stored for longer than 2 days :’ Storage Integration

The Storage Integration allows storing received upstream messages in a persistent database, and retrieving them at a later time.’
I don’t know who is responsible for the documentation, but i would respectfully suggest that it is made a little clearer.

You are - please post an issue GitHub. Although it doesn’t say how long a later time is. And we get it for free.

It is entirely configureable so if you want to move over the a paid instance, you can get that set to whatever you need.

Forgive my ignorance, but I dont’t know how, or where to do that :frowning:

We are going to have the University data repository store the data, but they’re not up and running yet!