Storing Data locally in Raspberry-Pi with Lorawan Gateway


I have RAK 5146 Lorawan Gateway, which is connected to Raspberry-pi[4B] using Pi-Hat2013. Until now, I have successfully sent the sensor data to the Things Network with the help of RAK 3172 Lora Module and RAK 5146 Lorawan Gateway. Also, I can save to data in influx DB with the help of Node-red MQTT protocol [Which is running in Raspberry-pi] and TTN MQTT as Broker. But this is achieved in case when data is received at TTN. I want to store the data locally in raspberry-pi before sending it to The Things Network, so when the internet is not available, I am sure that my data is not lost and also, I want to prepare the dashboard locally. So, is there any way, that the data packets which is received by Lorawan gateway, I can collect the data in influx DB and then send it to TTN.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!

This is a recurring question so search should provide answers as well.

The short answer, you can’t. The data received at the gateway is encrypted and TTN does the decryption for you. If you stop using TTN you could install a LoRaWAN network server on the RPi and that would allow your use case, however the gateway won’t be on TTN and such use cases are out of scope for this forum.
(Also we would be sad to loose a gateway from the network)