Strange values from Netvox r718a - 130degC and 100%RH


I’m seeing some weird readings from our Netvox sensors and am wondering if anyone else has encountered them.

They are on port 6, so should be some sort of telemetry. The command byte is 0x01, so not the device info.

The b64 payload is AQsBJDLIJxAAAAA=, which we decode to

01 0b 01 24 32 c8 27 10 00 00 00

The temp bytes (=====) don’t seem to indicate a negative temp, and nor should they because the reading before was 23c and after 600 readings of the above payload (7 days later) it is 26c.

We’re still getting these occasionally, they seem to come in blocks that cover at least a day.

I’ve checked what I assume is the reference decoder on github that you get if you use a “Repository” decoder, and it does not have any special handling other than to check the command byte, and for the sign bit.

Anyone else got some of these and see 130deg and 100% RH sometimes?

Regards, David.