Subscribing multiple applications using MQTT in Node Red


I am trying to implement a network with 5 applications, each application containing 2 to 3 sensors. It will be integrated with Node Red and finally data will be shown on dashboard. The question is for each application do I need to configure one MQTT broker (Total 5 MQTT broker for 5 applications) in Node red or is there a way to have only one or lesser MQTT broker?

Additional Info:
The things stack open source is running on private server. Node red is also installed on the same server.

Not that I am aware of. I presume that you mean an MQTT client node in Node-RED.

It is in the nature of MQTT to subscribe using wildcards. In TTN however, access to topics that are related to the application is managed using username:password. As a result of this, you may only subscribe to the topic of your application and you cannot use wildcards anymore to subscribe to multiple topics.

You will need to configure 5 MQTT nodes in Node-Red, one for each application.

Each application will have its own User name and password.

Thank you for response. I understand that I can use wildcards for end devices in one application but it does not work across applicating. I need to configure MQTT nodes as many applications I create.

Yes you use “v3/+/devices/+/up” in the topic and all the devices uplinks in that application will be reported

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