Suggestions for a starter LoRaWAN Gateway

Hello… I’m new to LoRa and have been reading posts here on the TTN forum about 8 channel gateways, SX1302, LoRaWAN compatibility, etc. And also watching videos such as: I’m looking for a gateway that costs around $100 USD that I can begin using out of the box and customize the code as I progress. I’m in a rural area in the US without public LoRa service. LAN cable support and the ability to add an exterior antenna would be nice so that the GW can live in my basement shop and still achieve good range outdoors with a pole mounted antenna. The low power aspect of the SX1302 is attractive as at some point I may get down to the gateway module level.

  • The Things Indoor Gateway looks simple but doesn’t support the external antenna and only supports WiFi backhaul. I don’t see a USB host port. $89USD
  • LIG16 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway. I read a long TTN thread on this unit. I can’t tell if it’s a good starter unit - work out of the box - or if I need to immediately get into coding. $100-125USD

Any suggestions appreciated.

I own a LIG16 and connected it to TTN V2 and V3 without problems. There are still some bugs in the firmware but it works out of the box. One advantage compared to the Dragino LPS8 is the power consumption. The LPS8 consumes abt. 4 W, the LIG16 1,3W.


Thanks wolfp. I think I’ll buy an LIG16.

Mostly we treat our gateways as appliances, not something we customise. Before diving off on the first post that gives you a thumbs up on the LIG16, what do you have in mind with “customising code”?

And overall, what are you objectives for LoRaWAN in the near future - because some activities would benefit from one setup, other things not so much. The gateway is just one element in the mix.

As your first post involved a non-standard scheme and as we see a lot of false starts here, I can’t recommend enough that you learn LoRaWAN basics by doing something totally standard with a gateway and two devices, one of which you may choose to build yourself, before venturing off in to experimental schemes.

Read all of:
The devices section of:
The gateways section of:
The network section of:
The applications and API sections of:

Descarte… Perfect. Thank you for the reading list. It’s just what i needed.

You have a good memory… The approach in my first post was to jump ahead a bit to see if LoRaWAN might support a version of what we want to do. I think it might. Now I am “backing off” and setting out to learn the LoRa and LoRaWAN basics which is where my second post comes in. I have a pair of 915 MHz ESP32 LoRa OLED modules and now need a GW. I want a device that I can just begin using and is low $ but also offers some flexibility for customization and experimentation should that be of value. Thanks again.