Suitable hardware platform to make Mapper Nodes on AS923

(Heath Raftery) #1

Having been spoilt by quality RN2903 options such as the Sodaq ONE for building TTN Mapper Nodes on AU915, I’m struggling to find similar experiences that support AS923.

Can anyone suggest any configurable/programmable/hackable hardware devices with a AS923-compatible radio, and a not-terrible GPS.

Unsatisfactory options include the Dragino and friends (no LoRaWAN stack and LMIC is a mess); Seeeduino LoRaWAN w/GPS (poor GPS); Oyster (built-in batteries limit hackability); RAK811 (suspect docs and terrible build toolchain).

Is this the standard to expect in the AS923 world? Should I give the RAK a second look, or are there other options I’m missing?

(Onehorse) #2

Too bad these aren’t better know on TTN forum…

~12 uA sleep current, ~300 uA power usage at LoRaWAN every 10 minutes and GNSS fix every 2 hours. Includes wake on motion, environmental sensing (pressure, temperature, humidity), 8 MByte SPI flash for data logging, battery charger, etc.

Did I mention programmable via USB using the Arduino IDE with a robust system layer and LoRa MAC stack and a useful asset tracking example reposited on github?

(Heath Raftery) #3

Hmm, looks great! Yes, it would be awesome if you could just add a vibrant community of support and customisations :wink: Got any distributors in Australia lined up? Starts getting expensive to trial once you add shipping.

I also left off the FeatherWing. The GPS module is expensive in Australia for some reason, but maybe I should add it to my list.

(Onehorse) #4

I’ve sold a few to people in Australia. No distributors. I think in this case you get what you pay for.

There are lots of cheap “asset trackers” on But you said hackable, and these typically are not.

(Onehorse) #5

There will also be this as an alternative in a few months.