Support Request: Delete Entire Account (including Applications and End Devices)


Please assist me in deleting my old account (including the account profile, applications, and end devices). The account is based in Europe. My new account is based in the United States.

There is no gateway registered on the old account, it has been removed. It was removed before the applications and end devices. As the old gateway has been deleted, the end devices cannot be utilized on the new account.

After reviewing previous posts with similar requirements, it appears that Things Network support personnel could be necessary.

What is the process for moving this support request forward? I can provide all the necessary IDs and keys for the devices.

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You can delete all devices and applications yourself. Just like the gateway.

Euh? Does not compute. Devices and gateways are separate entities in TTN. You just need to delete the devices. Go to the device general settings page and use the delete option to remove it. Do this for all devices and then use the same mechanism to delete the application.
Or use the command line tool achieve the same result.

All accounts are on all regions. There was no need to register a new account to use another region.

G’day, Kersing, thanks for your response. Please excuse any formatting issues with my response since this is my second post. I hope the attachments and citations are properly formatted.

Good to know. Thanks, Kersing.

Sorry @kersing it appears my quoting is not ideal. I hope you can follow my responses to your comments.

And this is what I will start reading regarding the CLI - is this what you would recommend @kersing ?

Gateways are total separate entities and them existing or not has no bearing on applications and devices.

Looking at your screenshot you seem to try to delete the device while logged on to the us1 cluster, not the eu1 cluster. Go to and select the european cluster, log in with your old account and go to the application and your devices should be selectable.

@kersing you rock, m8! That was it. Thanks so much, m8! :pray: Have a good one!

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