Switching gateway

Hi all I might have a basic question I didn’t found the answer googling. Does a node switch between gateways in other words is a tracker node bound to a gateway when it joined the network or does it hop to the next “best” gateway in reach. Or do I have to leave the network and re-join to do so?


No, nodes are not bound to a gateway. A node is broadcasting data that is sent to the network server by any gateway receiving it.

Indeed, nodes belong to a network not a gateway. All gateways within range contribute to uplink reception if they actually receive the signal.

The only “switching” is that if a downlink is to be sent in response, then the network server would select the gateway with the strongest report of that particular uplink [which has no conflicting transmit assignment, and that has available transmit duty cycle allowance] to transmit that reply. But that decision applies to the particular downlink packet only, there is no lasting assignment.