SX1262 on Adafruit Feather compatible board

New hardware from Circuitrocks Philippines. Alora RFM1262
Semtech SX1262 in eByte E22 module on a board that is compatible with the Adafruit Feathers.


Arduino library available here SX126x-Arduino including examples for LoRaWan
Alternative Arduino library (but no LoRaWan support) RadioLib
Doumentation available here Alora-RFM1262

Tutorials including battery saving modes
Alora RFM1262
ESP32 LoRa gateway battery optimized
Single channel LoRaWan packet forwarder [edited by moderator, this is not a compliant gateway and should not be called a gateway] SX1262-SC-GW based on ESP-1ch-Gateway-v6.0