SX1276 connection to ESP32 mini


I use sucessfully a SX1276 chip connected to a ESP32 dev board, everything works fine.
I am using Lora.h library from Sandeep Mystry.

Reset pin of SX1276 is connected to pin DIO14, as i found in an exemple.

I init pins like this :

LoRa.setPins(5, 14, 2)

On ESP32 mini there is no Pin14, I do not unterstand how to connect ?
There is a RST pin on this ESP32 mini board, but it does not work.
If I declare another pin instead of 14, and declare it in setPins, doesnt work also.

Always Lora.Begin fails.

Can someone help me, please :slight_smile:


Sadly not, this is not the forum you are looking for as it is for LoRaWAN only, being funded by TTI.

PS, you may have noticed from forum search the lack of topics on Sandeep’s library. You may want to try searching other forums before posting.