SX1280 2.4GHz LoRa

Map only shows GWs where the owner has ticked the show public option… I know of at least 2 others deployed on the island which are not shown for security reasons…I can say no more than that. :wink:

Turns up at a 80’s disco, rips records off the deck and plays Trance, wonders why people aren’t happy.

Even with my selective radio waves comment I reinforced a suggestion about using your own stack, all the replies have been to move you forward.

You see, I read that TTN were intending playing trance at this particular 80s disco in the article I linked above, but then I’m only a pig ignorant ex pit electrician from stupid bastard Geordie land. Explaining to me WHY my single channel gateway, with the code SparkFun SPECIFICALLY points you to to get onto TTN, isn’t a good idea. After all, I must have limited intelligence if I read SparkFun tutorials.

And for ‘moving forward’ read ‘move away’ you win. Goodbye. I’m off and I’m glad I’m off.

Like I said, Thanks for not sharing your own hard earned intelligence, insight and knowledge in a useful way.

Why not, this is the definitive source of information & support for TTN - not that I can see a link to a SparkFun article in the above and at no point has anyone suggested you are of limited intelligence. There are many articles about SCPF for TTN on the web, none of which are valid anymore. Anyone coming on to the forum gets told the exact same thing, please don’t use them, please disconnect, please use a fully compliant gateway.

Seems right from the off when I put you in touch with the author of the code that you referenced it wasn’t going to end well. But we are still here if you have other questions, but at present TTN doesn’t yet support 2.4GHz

Gods own country (well 2nd only to N.West!) :wink: - Family/friends up that way inc some (ex-Pit) friends (one now minus a lung!) now hosting GW’s on my behalf for the benefit of the ‘Geordie’ Community having initiated a community up that way some 2 years ago. If you would like to pick your chip up and perhaps use Forum search (look for Single Channel Gateway, Single Channel Packet Forwarders -SCPF’s, etc.) you will find reasons

We cant control the internet and it hates sensorship but where these were thought to be a good idea to get into LoRa & TTN in the early days (5+ years ago when full GW’s cost >>$1000) they have been depricated, and now actively discouraged, for TTN use for about 3 years now. We would have such posts corrected, but we cant and it took years to get some suppliers of S/DCPF’s to finally amend their product info to say LoRa private/proprietary only not TTN/LoRaWAN…and their sales channels have taken even longer :frowning:

The key route for (initially) sharing knowledge on this forum is via the search function… thereafter we are all happy to dive in and help on specifics, where people have helped themselves… be they electricians (surely wouldnt deploy equipment in a pit without reading up on it 1st?!), bakers, priests, policemen, networking experts or even sales guys :slight_smile:

@Baart Are you now Cyprus based or still in Geordie land? If latter may be worth joining one of the 4 N. East communities to get help from others in the area (Newcastle, Tyne Valley, Consett or Durham) - TTNUK -

If Cyprus based there are 60+ members across 4 communities:



Looks like v3 has a 2.4Ghz plan at the bottom.


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