SX1301 custom channels (RAK7243C)


I have two questions regarding a custom LoRa application using SX1301:

  1. What is the minimum required spacing between the 8 channels on SX1301 without introducing interference?
  2. Is it possible to have 8 lora channels (IF0-7) + 1 legacy FSK channel (IF09) that listens to packets simultaneously? Or must you disable 1 one of the lora channels to have 7 channels (IF0-6) + 1 FSK channel (IF9) for it work?

The FSK channel would be used for WMBus mode C1 RX.

Band: EU868

Thanks in advance


This question may be better asked on the RAK forum. The TTN forum is only for LoRaWAN related questions and this one doesn’t appear to be asking about something within the LoRaWAN spec.

Indeed it’s off topic here. But realistically you need to ask Semtech, not RAK, as this comes entirely from the functionality of the Semtech silicon (and the modulation scheme itself), isn’t unique to RAK at all, and they’ve demonstrated a rather poor track record of understanding such things.