SX1302CSS915GW1 gateway port connections


I’m new to this tech and I’m trying to get a SX1302CSS915GW1 dev kit that I purchased up and running. My first issue is I cannot get the PI board to communicate with any of the radio devices (1250 or 1261) via SPI - it only works with USB?

Since I can get things working with USB, this is secondary at the moment.
I have had the gateway connected to the Things network server and can see status data being sent to the network server. However, when I moved the GW from my home office to my work office - it no longer can connect. Looking at the network traffic, I can see packets going out to ‘’, but there is never anything coming back and on the TTS console it just shows the GW as Disconnected. Is this an issue where the network is configured differently at work and port 1700 has been closed so the network comms are not possible? I understood that since this is a UDP Push/Pull on this port it did not need to be “open”?

Can someone please offer some insight? Thanks.

Please provide links to hardware/supplier and docs + formware to save volunteers having to research. Many network service providers have been known to block port 1700 - check if company ISP supports - if not complain bitterly - its not their job to censor the Internet! Probably not the case if on a biz service…in which case check if company firewall blocking. If in doubt also try switching from a SMTC/UDP based packet forwarder to perhaps use BasicStation - a bit easier on traffic and more secure/resiliant…

ok noted.

I fear that the ports are being blocked, not by the ISP, but by our internal Informatics group.

If I move away from Semtechs UDP Packet Forwarder and use BasicStation instead, can I get around issues with ports being blocked?

I suspect the only people who know are your infernal informatics prevention group.

Anyone else here will be guessing!

I guess what I meant is doesn’t BasicStation use websockets which should be using ports that are already open for standard http/https communications. Or am I mistaken?