SX1308 +Pi Gateway

(Jeff Uk) #1

Does anyone have experience of working with this set up as alternate to usual Sx1301 based platforms?


Note no RF Switch so seperate RX & TX connections/ant’s needed

SX1308 - GW platform for less that $100?
(Will3509111) #2

I have, since I am the developer :sweat_smile:
here you are!

but notice that I didn’t used TX
So it cannot downlink or OTA.
I want to specify that this board is mainly design for Receive only,
And there will be a much LoRawan capable board comming later :grinning:

(Jeff Uk) #3

Ah hello @will3509111 Thanks for jumping in and clarifying :slight_smile: I was possibly misled on assumptions by the description on Tindie where it is described thus:

"TX/RX is not combined together with an RF switch, on the dark-side, it means that you will have to use two antenna for RX/TX or adding your own RX/TX switch, but on the bright-side, you can tune RF like adding more powerful PA or lower noise LNA+Filter near antenna. "

Was hoping to capture distant/marginal or fringe signals for uplink using high gain RX ant + poss LNA with then using a lower gain TX ant to stay withing RF TX Pwr(eff) Regs for closer in downlinks/acks.

Please keep us all posted on your new developments :smile:

Will PM you separately on this one to avoid cluttering forum, cheers.

(Will3509111) #4

If you want to add TX/RX switch, you can control TX/RX switch by adding GPIO control code in lgw_send(struct lgw_pkt_tx_s pkt_data) function
under ./libloragw/src/loragw_hal.c

Or put two antenna with some distance, but not using or weak PA, as long as the power doesn’t reach the limit of RX.
Then to enable TX, just change “tx_enable”: false, to “tx_enable”: true,

My personal setup is a bit like latter case, which is Big antenna for RX, and a tiny antenna for TX (well basically for OTAA)