T-beam (T22_V10 20191212) sx1262

We’d like to visualise the coverage of our gateway using ttnmaper.org and a t-beam node with reference :T22_V10 20191212 which includes an SX1262 radio.

I’m still unable to adapt lmic-node-gps tracker or LMIC-node :frowning:

Is there a suitable library in 2023, and if not, how should I go about it ? (I’ve been looking for a long time, and my incompetence keeps leading me from failure to failure :frowning:
(as for example with the advice based on the Lacuna library …)

Thanks for the help!

Hi Tix and welcome back. LMIC does indeed not support SX126X chips, but there’s a contender upcoming…
If you can wait for another 2~4 weeks or something like that, your patience will hopefully be rewarded after all!
But maybe others can suggest something in the meantime.

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Many thanks @Ichthus College Informatica for your prompt reply :slight_smile:
Waiting a few weeks … only? That’s great news!

Just a quick question: what do I need to look out for on this forum to keep up to date?

All the best.

I think that once it’s available and open for testing and/or actual use, there will be no problem for you to find it here. Check back once a week and you’ll find it quickly. We’re doing it Harry Potter style until then… must not be named :slight_smile:

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fully understood :+1:

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