Tago integration - downlink not showing up on TTN

We are tying out a PoC with Tago.

I added a device on TTN and was able to simulate uplink messages from TTN which then made it to Tago.
However, when we send a downlink message from Tago, not seeing those on TTN Application Data tab. Everything on Tago side seems ok and the log suggests Tago did send down messages successfully.

We don’t have a real device, does it have something to do with this? Is there a way to debug this further?

Downlinks go from the Application Server to the device, they don’t get reflected via any uplink integration.

I don’t know the Tago Integration, but downlinks scheduled using the downlink_url from an uplink’s JSON message in the HTTP Integration, or using the MQTT Data API, do show as scheduled in the application/device’s Data page in TTN Console. So, if Tago schedules a downlink I’d expect to see it?

@shuvro, as TTN Console is not always reliable, you could subscribe to the MQTT device events, to see if a third party is scheduling a downlink, and to see when TTN delegates it to a gateway to be transmitted after an uplink.

If you’re in Australia and using Meshed, then see also Downlink URL 502 error API + Tago + Meshed.