TagoIO does not receive anything from TheThingsStack CE

I’m migrating an app from V2 to V3. In the past, the app used to use the “Tago IO” integration from the V2 console send data points to Tago.io.

So I got a brand new device, set it up on TheThingStack CE console, and the uplink transmissions are immediately visible in Live Data:

Next, on Tago.io I used this “The Things Industries Custom” integration to convince it to process data coming from TheThingStack CE, and gave it the brand new device’s EUI starting with 40-19:

Having obtained the authorisation secret, I went back to TheThingsStack CE and configured TagoIO integration:

Strangely, while TheThingsStack CE continues to receive packets just fine, on Tago.io neither the devices’ bucket nor “Live Inspector” sees anything at all.

What might have gone wrong?

It may well be that TagoIO has yet to implement the optional paths, so if you turn off the uplink path (and any others that we can’t see on the screen shot) it will behave more like the v2 HTTP Integration.

My friend are using it without any problem. Are you exceed 7,000 packet/hr quota?


Thanks @descartes & @Somsak.

@descartes Clearing the URL segment from tago webhook integration settings unfortunately did not help.

@Somsak Is this friend of yours using a branded transmitter such as Allora, or a generic device connected to tago using the “custom connector”?

Have you registered your sensor in Tago using the TTI integration option? I had to delete, and add all our sensors in again using TTI type in tago after migration to The Things Stack CE.

@mid-walesha yes indeed. The sensor is a development board, ttgo t-beam that was previously used with TTN v2. For use with TTN v3 I gave the board a brand new set of ABP parameters handed out by TheThingsStack CE. On Tago.IO the board was added as a brand new “Custom The Things Industries” device.


Did you press green button behind?