TEK766 join issues

Now this might be OT.
I’m desperately trying to use a TEK766 with TTN but cannot make it work. Its connecting through a Mikrotik gateway and I can see the Join Request in the console but there’s no answer. I couldn’t find a way to program an AppKey in the device - which as far as I understood is necessary to activate via OTA. All I have is a DevEUI written on the device and I found a JoinEUI in the gateway traffic which i’m using for the AppEUI. Can you probably tell me how to set up the Device correctly in the application?

granzl, when you purchase the device it is supplied with an DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey. These devices are very simple to add to TTN and work very well. You need to go back to your supplier for this critical information.

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Thanks harveyben, i didn’t know that because thats my first 766. I asked the supplier about the missing keys - lets see what they come up with.

Hi Granzl

Did you ever come right with this ? I have the exact same gateway and device with all the correct keys from the supplier but nothing after the Join Request either…