Tektelic Kona Macro LoRaWAN Gateway suddenly offline

My Tektelic Kona Macro Gateway suddenly went offline this morning without any clear reason. As of right now it’s been offline for more than 5 hours and I’ve gone to check and make sure that it’s okay given that it’s outside and we’ve received a lot of rain the past days. I can verify that the gateway and all of its connections are fine (which I assumed as it’s quite weatherproofed), and that it’s receiving power. I unplugged the power from it and then plugged it back in, but it still hasn’t reconnected. As I said, I can’t pinpoint any reason as to why it’s gone offline as no changes have been made to it in any way. Does anyone know what could have caused this, has/is anyone had/having this issue, and/or does anyone know a solution?


Turns out that the issue was with the SIM card suddenly not connecting with the cellular network anymore. Very strange that that happened.

Do you have an ssh access to it? It seems you easily can visit the site, and tf it is powered using PoE, there should be no issues with ssh…