Tektelic LoRa Gateway and AWS IoT

I am trying to connect my Tektelic Kona Macro Gateway to publish the sensor messages on AWS IoT.
I use a raspberry Pi to host the server using HTTP Integration at IP and some Port eg: 10023
I can see on the AWS IoT monitoring page that there is a connection whenever I start the code on my Raspberry Pi. but I do not see any payloads coming through the Gateway to the AWS IoT on the topic I mention on my raspberry Pi configuration. However, I do see payloads of my sensors on the Tektlic webpage. This suggests that my sensors do send a payload and are received on the gateway

Has anyone configured their LoRa Gateway to connect to AWS IoT core?

Use Google and you find : https://www.hackster.io/naresh-krish/integrating-lorawan-with-aws-iot-services-using-the-rak811-b0127d#overview