Telegraf on V3


i’m trying to migrate from v2 to v3, the data of my devices is collected by telegraf and writen to an influx db.
But i’m getting no data, after the change, at the application console i can see the data and the subscription of the application.

I already read:

My config looks like:

    servers = ["tcp://"]
    qos = 0
    connection_timeout = "30s"
    topics = [ "v3/+/devices/+/up" ]
    client_id = "telegraf"
    username = "steval-strkt01-mh@ttn"
    password = "****"
    data_format = "json"

I also tried to change the topic to:

topics = [ "v3/steval-strkt01-mh@ttn/devices/+/up" ]

Even after i read the documentation i didn’t find anything wrong, can someone give me a tip what is wrong ?

ok, i found the problem, i was looking at the database for the old tags, like payload_, but with v3 they are starting with uplink_message_decoded_payload.

Sorry my fault.