The BARGAIN basement part 2

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ali’s winkeltje


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Node on steroids?

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don’t know … the product itself is a few years old so maybe an older or different version.
anyway, to be sure buy this one :sunglasses:

€ 37,- gratis verzenden


You might want to add in a low noise amplifier to get more signals above -60dBm. e.g. LNA4ALL

its a ‘local’ bench tool … just to check if a node / gateway is transmitting, maybe check an antenna, so I don’t think an extra lna is neccessary.
the led strip has different modes … one is ‘hold for x seconds’ … that’s nice for a short spike in RF field I think.

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€ 3,10 incl. shipping

€ 3,52 incl. shipping

expensive, but “all in one” breakout board
someone has a library for that?

I tried this one but they canceled my order due to no more stock, worth trying again, less expensive :wink:

You’ll find all libraries one by one with no problem, Sparkfun has CCS811, and SI7021 and BMP280 can be found everywhere

they have also your, but no stock (new model may be why 1st one was out of stock)

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€ 2,96 incl. shipping

This product for me is ‘out of the blue’!
$14,89 from Shenzen…
Almost a game changer :sunglasses:
** edit: careful - this one is 433MHz (thanks @Charles !) **

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Love this one, little scared looking a WiFi PCB antenna :wink:

But ordered 2 for testing :wink:

Oups cancelled this order these boards are 433MHZ, not supported by LMIC and my GW for now


thanks @Charles, I was about to order some… will wait till the SX1276 version appears! :fried_egg:
ESP32 seems a good cpu for sleep mode… so also without using wi-fi it is probably a good alternative to AVRs and STM32!

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