The BARGAIN basement part 2


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The BARGAIN basement part 5
The BARGAIN basement part 4
The BARGAIN basement part 1

US $188.99 & $22.00 shipping



standby :

active :

@ 3V3 :sunglasses:

The LIBRARY basement part 2
BIG diy SENSOR topic

Working Current: 20uA !!! and you can order different delaytimes


RFM95 868 Mhz and 915 MHz versions (Shenzhen Duoweisi Tech @ AliExpress)

RFM95 for €5,83
Shipping 1-4 pieces €2,63, 5-14 pieces €3,48


UNI-T Digital Multimeter UT890C+ (BeiRun Trading @ AliExpress)

Large display with (auto-off) backlight, 6000 counts.
True RMS. Also includes Temperature, Frequency and Capacitance measurement.
More specifications here (different shop)

Price €18,04 includes free shipping
(without original packaging, with original packaging €19,56)

Not comparable to a Fluke but good and great value for money.
Frequency and capacitance are auto ranging. Voltage, current and resistance have manual ranges.
Frequency measurement specified up to 10 MHz, I have successfully measured up to 25 MHz.
(In contrast to online specifications it does not have Relative [REL] option.)

If discount has expired then search elsewhere on AliExpress for similar prices.


They were always pretty cheap, but this is incredible. $1.47 for 5pcs (!)


€ 6.70 incl. shipping


€ 42.57 incl. shipping

LoraWan Pager project

US $3.28 incl. shipping


eBay store


Just to add that the transmitters are OK and worth alone by the price, but the receivers are absolute crap and range will be no better than a few meters with that receiver. A much more higher cost receiver will bring range up to 100m instead of 2/5 meters. :slight_smile:


Bargain is about price/quality, not only price so there is no need only to list the cheapest ones. Got a link with better ones that may be more expensive but still attractive?

btw, I was able to reach 25 meter while going to glass with these. That’s not that bad and suitable for many simple remote applications but i can imagine better ones are available.


Yeah, sure: I’ve tested the RXB8 receiver, and my range went up from 2/5 meters to almost 100 meters, part in building, another part in free air. With this receiver I’m able to monitor stuff that is away and has to go through some thick concrete walls and levels:

One example with -144dbm sensitivity:

Other example, that is more expensive and I didn’t tried:


US $9.83 incl. shipping


US $5.64 incl. shipping works with arduino IDE 1.8.1

building a smaller TTN clone node


US $2.31 incl. shipping


1x US $2.98 incl. shipping
5x US $9.99 incl. shipping

all in one solution for lipo powered chargeable 5v nodes

(Peter Kmet) #20

Has anyone suggestion for [ebay sourced] tool for crimping this kind of contacts for JST-XH connectors?