The BARGAIN basement part 3


found an interesting bargain you like to share ?
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US $6.80 incl. shipping


I’m sure looking forward to the end of the Chinese holidays :smirk: .


ebay withdrawal symptoms … been there :wink:






(Gry Kyo) #8

So the Chinese 32u4 node with Li charge is now offered with two flavours of antenna costing < €1 per antenna. Before we go mad buying China again can somebody give an opinion on the antennas?

I will invest based on feedback please & thanks!


US $1.25 incl. shipping

US $1.05 incl. shipping


funny thing is… both antennas have an IPX connector which is not available on that board.
so you have to cut of that connector and solder the cable direct on the RFM95.
I would prefer the coil one… but a little piece of wire will do to


iPX connector is on bottom side, just received mine today


ah ok… not with the one I have here… probably a monday morning board or an older version :wink:

US $24.50 incl. shipping

  • build a little desktop labpowersupply with the 2A version


US $1.46 incl. shipping

can they be used for outdoor nodes ? … sure they can :sunglasses:



ESP32 with SX1276 (868/915 MHz) and 0.96" OLED display now released.
Just ordered a few for a test


Designing a breakout board for the ESP32 / RFM9X

Great, bought 2 to test, any link to lib and code?
Guess what you can now pay with paypal on AliExpress :wink:


US $8.75 incl. shipping

(Deux Vis) #21

thanks for the tip.

FYI there are some cheaper ones on aliexpress at the moment, got one for around 12$, search for “wifi lora kit 32”.

Edit : that wasa reply to the “ESP32 with SX1276 (868/915 MHz) and 0.96” OLED display" post


Actually I made that post related to a SX1276 based module, which seems to be released freshly.
The other and cheaper modules which are widely available are based on SX1278 and support only 434 MHz, not 868/915 MHz as the one I mentioned.

Newer modules are usually more expensive and price tend to go down as production increases.

@DeuxVis if you have cheaper links for the ESP32 / 868 MHz, feel free to post.

(Deux Vis) #24

Oh you are right that is a SX1278 I ordered facepalm thank for correcting me.