The BARGAIN basement part 6

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Particle Squared, here’s what’s on board:

Particulate Sensing

The most important sensor is the Honeywell HPMA115S0 dust sensor (available as a purchase option). This sensor counts the concentration of potentially harmful particulates in the air. It can detect both large particles 10µm in diameter and smaller ones less than 2.5µm in diameter. These readings are known as PM10 and PM2.5 respectively.

Sensing Volatile Compounds

Second to that, is the AMS CCS811. This senses volatile organic compounds and eC02. These types of readings are useful in places where there may be combustion. (Think stoves, furnaces, etc) It can act as an early warning mechanism. That way you stay safe, happy and healthy!

Temperature and Humidity

Finally, the Silicon Labs Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor. These readings can be used on their own. Additionally they’re used by the CCS811 to compute an accurate TVOC and C02.

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Is this any useful for soldering or does the object need to be very close (few cm) to the lens?
(Which would make it also very hard with both eyes).

I’ll tell you in a couple of weeks :wink:

Comment from my side: This one did not work for me. I would not recommend it.


’ watch marktplaats ’ :rofl:

Where does it fail? Why do you not recommend it?

I wear glasses and the thing cannot compensate for that. Also even I try to wear it instead of my glasses it does not fit comfortably. The lenses are poor quality. The magnification is extreme. While not producing a sharp image. And last: the opening angle at which i see trough the lenses is so small I cannot work with it.

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