The BARGAIN basement part 1

found an interesting bargain you like to share ?
this is the central place where you can link tips about bargains.
(diy electronics components, tools, gateways, chips, antenna’s, cables, kits, measuring equipment, sensors, lora related things)

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Handheld Digital Spectrum Analyzer RF Explorer 915 Mhz - €53,40

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Nice Topic!

Just my 2 cents (well actually $ 3.60): here a nice small ESP2866 “proto” board if you want to create an ESP8266 + RFM95 node. Anyone cares to create an RFM95 adapter plate for it? (probably I should call it “base plate”?)

A very minimal description is found over here. and some more: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Oh and by the way: the result will not be CE certified

Hey Batilan,

Have a couple of those. Work great with rfm95 and was thinking to make a shield for it (same as the ttl board).
Probably start at it this weekend.



NEO-6M GPS Module € 5,38

little node antenna

*** update**
that little node antenna is not very well matched @ 868.1 Mhz ( VSWR 4.42:1 ! )
so NOT recommended for long range

this one is much better (1.158:1)


868MHZ/915MHZ / GSM / 3G Small Sucker Omnidirectional 7 dBi Antenna $3.09

perfect little gateway antenna

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very sharp ‘needle’ probes

I like them :sunglasses:

solves your shielding problems

and you can solder it :sunglasses:

small solder on antenna:

just 99 cents for any freq you might need… looks better then just a piece of wire :slight_smile:

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Made a first version of a breakout board for it.
Hope it wil work.

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mobile power :sunglasses:

oh… and to charge them you need something like** this**

activate your node cheap and easy :sunglasses:

perfect waterproof node enclosure


Unfortunatly US?

what do you mean ? they ship world wide, and there are many sellers
( I’ve used one with a transparent top for a balcony wifi temp sensor )

and I ordered some of these (black/grey) ‘node’ boxes :sunglasses:

antenna on one side and temp sensor on the other ?

  • this seemed to be an ‘email only’ action … sorry*

Tip I got yesterday in Enschede from joris:

Cheap & good outdoor enclosure (for gateways and such), 12€


I was searching for this kind of enclosure for external gateways, looks excellent and cheap will order some

I’m also thinking adding to my RPI gateway a SI7021 sensor ($3) in the box to monitor enclosure temperature and humidity worth checking humidity is not going into enclosure :wink:

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Monitoring some environmental factors is a very good idea I think.

Nice idea I was thinking to monitor into the GW enclosure but it’s easy to add another SI7021 to monitor external temp/hum also!