The BARGAIN basement part 7


Welcome to the BARGAIN basement part 7.

Found an interesting bargain you like to share?
This is the central place where you can post tips and links for bargains and share them with others.

DIY electronics components, tools, gateways, chips, antenna’s, cables, kits, measuring equipment, sensors, tools, LoRaWAN related products, and alike.

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Previous parts of this topic:

SAMD21 M0-Mini development board

Whatever happen to @BoRRoZ? he was awesome! I vote bring him back!!


He closed several of his topics (BARGAIN basement included). We created new instances of those topics so it would not impact other forum users.

Let me note that ‘voting initiatives’ (or similar) like above are off-topic and will be removed.

Sorry, I just liked what he posted and he was very dedicated to posting great content with his free time to the TTN forum which I thought was awesome and inspiring to all. More content like that would be great.


It’s time of the year again… RAK Wireless Black Friday deals :star_struck:

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For the Dutch TTNers:

Arduino Pro Mini (alike) + RFM95W on single PCB.

(Not sure if this one was mentioned before, searched for it but didn’t find this one).