The BARGAIN basement part 6

Box is just what am looking for (within a couple of mm!) for a small job using a Rak5205 :slight_smile: Will order a few on the 11th then me thinks :wink:

had a quick check Jeff … it fits, but its not the right enclosure for a tracker imho, more for a wallmounted temp / humidity / pir movement indoor sensor.

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Same here.

2 types of build one a T&H for in the cabin on a river cruiser on Thames, the other T&H + tracker for same type of app/deployment. Mounted on a slight incline in the ‘bridge’ with good sky visibility through perspex ‘window’ for GPS capture a, but screen from direct sun (for to avoid reading temp distortion) Like picture will remove the GPS for reduced power etc. on the T&H only. Would have used an older style of 811Sensor bd + 811tracker bd but cant get and they were in my little ‘owl’ modules. Lead time is ok as due to fit over Xmas/New year break once tested :slight_smile:

If it works ok will look at a generic use as T+H+ (if I can find sensor low power/small enough) CO2 for use in a local schools classrooms…

It looks like a handy size box generally so may also play with some Heltec Bds & others when I get time…

Tomorrow is 11.11 - The once a year everybody crazy online thing
So, if you (not really) need something at a discount, put it in your basket today and pay tomorrow :upside_down_face:


And the largest standard battery size that will fit (in length) is AA (14500).

Also nice are these shielded HPD13A modules;

I never could get them to use less then 1 mA … So I’d stick with rfm95 :wink:

you have never seen flat lipo’s ? :wink:

Thanks for the tip, I recently ordered some.

These modules are used on e.g. BSFrance LoRa32u4, TTGO LoRa32 and TTGO T-Beam boards.

Do you know what standard battery sizes are? :wink:

I have a couple of batches of 1200 & 900mAh LiPos here that I already use with the RAK bds just fine - should fit just nicely :slight_smile:

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…should even have room to add the wireless charging circuits I have also used with these in other (3D printed) closed housings to save user replacement…



Tx (yes there are cheaper solutions - but this one has a 'finished look)


toys for boys :wink:



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