The BARGAIN basement part 6

Tomorrow is 11.11 - The once a year everybody crazy online thing
So, if you (not really) need something at a discount, put it in your basket today and pay tomorrow :upside_down_face:


And the largest standard battery size that will fit (in length) is AA (14500).

Also nice are these shielded HPD13A modules;

I never could get them to use less then 1 mA … So I’d stick with rfm95 :wink:

you have never seen flat lipo’s ? :wink:

Thanks for the tip, I recently ordered some.

These modules are used on e.g. BSFrance LoRa32u4, TTGO LoRa32 and TTGO T-Beam boards.

Do you know what standard battery sizes are? :wink:

I have a couple of batches of 1200 & 900mAh LiPos here that I already use with the RAK bds just fine - should fit just nicely :slight_smile:

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…should even have room to add the wireless charging circuits I have also used with these in other (3D printed) closed housings to save user replacement…



Tx (yes there are cheaper solutions - but this one has a 'finished look)


toys for boys :wink:



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