The BARGAIN basement part 3


US $3.99 incl. shipping

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You can never really have enough Raspberry Pi boards and with the STG£ so close to parity with €, this flash sale at The Pi Hut makes them just a little cheaper.


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US $7.60 incl. shipping


November sale. Bought cables from there myself, ok quality and USB-C compliant (if applicable), meaning they don’t ignite your fancy smartphone or Chromebook into a big ball of flames and smoke :wink: .


  • changed link… found it cheaper on ebay :wink:


US $2.42 incl. shipping



US $11.20 / lot 2 pieces incl. shipping

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Vent plugs, cheapest I’ve found so far for a small quanity, 24.00 usd for 10/pcs

Aliexpress Link

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I found this product very interesting, for example to measure Humidity / Ambient temperature (DHT11 / 22)

It has the “Open” Case, Solar Panel, Charge Controller and Battery.

What better



wrong link ?

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I have no problems


ok… you want to use the enclosure for a solar temp/humidity sensor ? :wink:

(Thechapu) #48

Yes, since much of the “Case” is done


any idea where to find this RAK811 breakout board ?
can’t find it in their Ali shop.

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yes that’s him :slight_smile:


(Mirtcho) #53

Is this module with 2mm pitch between the pins or 2,54mm?
I mean post over RFM95 95W