The BARGAIN basement part 2

this eBay shop have a lot of crimping pliers … maybe ?

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You’ll want this one

This one previously reported here is quite impressive for the money. 19km away from GW (suburban area) and still almost no packet dropped. Node uplink mostly on SF7 with ADR, 1m above ground, moderate foliage.

assortments- eBay shop

Another small project box with transparent lid:

Thanks I was just looking for an “anti-anti-irrigation device” :slight_smile:


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Umm none of the last items is a bargain (especially not the atlas scientific kits!) maybe we could have a thread for general posting IoT kit and another for true bargains, sales, etc?

Just a suggestion. I appreciate these posts.

be my guest, I am also placing products of ‘general interest’ and not absolutely the cheapest of the cheapest and you, with all your contacts abroad, could fill a topic by yourself to :wink:

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Aliexpress is doing their 7th anniversary sales between 28-29/3.
Here’s some items I’m looking forward to. Note the sales price is only valid during sales time, it’s a preview for now.

Unlocked Huawei E8372 4G USB dongle with integrated WiFi Hotspot PLUS 4G External antenna: $59.45

3P Three-phase Multifunction LCD Volt Amp Power Meter Energy Accumulation with RS-485 interface $35.48

2 in 1 220V or 110V Soldering Station Saike 852D++ Rework Station Hot Air Gun and Soldering Iron with Some Gifts (gifts look useful too) $86.99

QFN48 to DIP48 Programmer Adapter WSON48 MLF48 DFN48 Adapter IC test socket Pitch=0.4mm size=6x6mm $66.75

This is suitable to program Nordic nRF52832 and nRF51822 BLE chip in the standard QFN48 package.


3 dbi - US $ 8.23 incl. shipping
7 dbi - US $ 6,57 incl. shipping