The BARGAIN basement part 2

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Anyone tried these? They seem to be all over Aliexpress now.

@ Epyon

buying 2 pieces is interesting, free shipping to the Netherlands.

There’s a new 3dB 868 antenna from the same seller, just came out for sale today. Looks interesting. $36.99 with free shipping

@BoRRoZ That’s interesting! The only thing I wonder is why that length? :confused: You can make a collinear array with the same gain and much smaller dimensions (e.g. the Sunhans one).

the 10 dbi is 90 cm compared to the 14 dbi that is 150 cm

  • update - first impression = ok

10 dbi (90 cm) and 3 dbi (40 cm)

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check your LiPo US $2.21 incl. shipping

  • update… nice !

mini 3d printer €193.50

Interesting antenna. I dont’t know yet what performence it has:

Price: € 1,45

It’s very good :slight_smile:

Storage box with 250 SMD Tactile Push Button Touch Switches 10 different types: $6.08 delivered

DC / DC converters eBay

boost 5V + lipo charger :

boost 5V :

buck/boost 3v3 :

battery shops

ESP32 prices are finally dropping

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