The BARGAIN basement part 4




US $1.31 incl. shipping ( tnx @ursm )

ideal companion for


$13.60 incl. shipping


US $2.64 incl. shipping


ALIBABA’s antenna page :sunglasses:



€ 7,95

(Jose Marcelino) #80

Engineer Inc PAD-11 tool is really cheap at HobbyKing €32.69


Great tool to crimp those pesky JST connectors, usually selling at almost twice the price.

This is from the well known Japanese company Engineer Inc. Website with guides and vides:









pad = 35 x 25 cm

(Deux Vis) #87

I have a suspicion about what you are gonna use it for… Please let me know if it works well with the binocular :slight_smile:


Die Cast Enclosure, 1 x Ethernet, 5 x N-type holes - tipped by @gonzalocasas

€18,90 - ex vat + shipping (to NL € 47,30 incl. vat + 2 day DHL shipping)

(Jeff Uk) #89

A nice housing…looks like another E-Zy design - have used other E-Zy product to re-house iMST Lite and Laird GW’s but this one is just a bit too small on internal space - 205mm x 125mm x 40mm - e.g. the 4cm means you cant use to enclose an iMST Lite GW @ ~4.5cm :frowning:

…Still might have to try one for other uses :slight_smile:

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@bluejedi in reference to The BARGAIN basement part 3 :

Microchip sent me notification of shipping that PIC16F18446-XPRESS demo board finally.


I also received a second email today confirming the shipment.


NL - €29,95 incl shipping



Connector looks like JST-XH 8-pin (2.54mm pitch):