The BARGAIN basement part 4


Got one here. Driver should be coming up for the ArduinoCore-stm32l0 … A Grasshopper or Cricket fits nicely into the enclosing that ships along with some variants.




I ordered below model (WaveShare) which is more compact and has an 8-pin JST-XH cable included.


'Without-PCB" in the URL looks suspicious but the product description appears to be correct.

(Amedee) #97

I got an assortment of these in their last sale – I just tested one, but they are quite nice. I think @BoRRoZ has done more extensive testing.

(Jeff Uk) #98

Saw they had 10 in stock so given the small increment in shipping costs I figured what the heck and bought 5! :wink:


ah… that was you ! you won’t regret it I think… quality looks ok




US $53.99 + $5.- (shipped from NL? no!)








US $4.27 incl. shipping :scream:



pigtail shop


$6.99 with free shipping. Module appears to be HPDTek HPD13A.
Breadboard friendly, 5V-safe, with voltage regulator and level shifter.
(Less low-power friendly than without regulator and level shifter but 5V friendly.)

With pads for mounting an IPEX/U.FL antenna connector.

Making RFM95 breadboard friendly



Relatively expensive for AliExpress shipping and only a small package.
(e.g. LilyGo charges +/- €3.75 some others even less).


6,28 from China. ? If I would send it to you in NL I pay more … but I think the product price could be 25% lower :roll_eyes:



With ESP32-WROVER module with 4MB Flash and 4MB PSRAM, audio, microSD slot and 19 WS2812B RGB leds. An additional OLED display in the center of the LED’s (and evenly spread LED’s) would make it complete.
On LilyGo GitHub is an example for this device that uses an Android phone (via BT) as UI for the device.

It has 19 RGB LED’s, something for @Charles maybe? :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #112

Its even €0.50 more to UK! :frowning: Oh and thats listing for 20-40 day not the 12-15 @BoRRoZ listed! :frowning: :frowning:


And they charge another €6,28 shipping costs for a €4,34 LoRa whip antenna (not included).
(A small wire coil antenna is included.)