The BARGAIN basement part 4

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Sent RAK a message through AliExpress they often “adjust” shipping…

Actually I rarely pay the listed prices of anything on Ali… doesn’t hurt to ask and sellers actually like making the contact.


How in such case do you make the correct adjusted payment?


Dual-pitch prototyping PCB shield for Arduino Uno (and compatibles)


Can be used for adding LoRa modules with 2mm pitch (RFM95W, SX1276, HPD13A) and components with regular 2.54mm pitch (OLED display, sensors, buttons, etc.).

For a version with standard male headers (cheaper) check here.

Making RFM95 breadboard friendly




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You go through the usual “Buy” but then chose “Other payment methods” in the payment screen and press “Confirm & Pay”.

The order will then appear as confirmed but waiting for payment the seller is then able to adjust the price. Once they do you can pay as normal (all payment methods work)


and these are ‘how to bargain’ tutorials :wink:


My WaveShare 1.54" e-Paper Module arrived today (ordered via AliExpress).
Super fast delivery: 8 days. Perfect packaging. Cable, brass hex spacers and screws included.


summersale -20%

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And it finally arrived in my mailbox today :slight_smile:






The ultimate battery:


And here the fuel for the battery:


It finally arrived today here too.


ItsyBitsy M4 Express featuring ATSAMD51
the fastest, most powerful, Arduino compatible module, ever!


US $6.95 + $0.25


pre-configured Indoor LoRa® Alliance Certified Gateway and Network Server


EUR 48,95 + EUR 16,90 (from DE)

50W +/- 3%
630 x 545 x 35mm


Nice panel for a Solar powered gateway.