The BARGAIN basement part 4






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(Gerardvtk) #140

and a correct shipping, I use now 4 of these.


good to know… I bought one to test.
what battery do you use ?

(Gerardvtk) #142

ncr18650PF or samsung inr18650. the node is a Low power Atmega1284P-PU node with RFM95W. success.


EUR 34,95

(Gry Kyo) #144

I had remotely alarmed my garden sheds using MQTT on ESP8266 boards with WiFi many moons ago. Long before I had a LoRaWAN gateway at my house or knew, understood, tried or tested low power and LoRa.

This is just right to replace my 12v lead AGM, DC-DC and Wemos setup with a single LiFePO4 node, unregulated battery etc, maybe one of @Charles 18650 size low power arduino pcb’s I have here?

@gerardvtk, one question; does it look like the battery chemistry is changed with a component on the PCB or is a different charge pcb requeired for LiPo and LiFeP04? The silkscreen and felt tip marker on the eBay item looks like it comes pre-configured?

Thx, G


you could solar charge your 12v battery …

(Rolf ) #146

Got one! This is an incredible piece of instrument. The VNA measurement with Smith Chart view is so much more convenient than my PC based VNA. Replacing the SDR dongle too as this tool can do full band Spectrum Analyze (common PC based SDR dongles are fair small banded). And trashing my old frequency counter as you can do absolute accurate measurements using the GPS PPS lock!!

Outstanding!! :muscle:



RFM95W shop

(Gerardvtk) #148

Sorry, I just looked for a solar charger on the web and this one was and is the good one for me. I use them now for 4 different nodes.

(Gry Kyo) #149

FYI: I sent the seller a question about the battery chemistry. There are components that are user swappable (with soldering iron) on the PCB that will change the charge voltage. That said he sent me a link to an eBay item where I could choose pre-configured boards which I did.
Thanks, G


$3.11 - Waterproof IP68 RJ45 Ethernet LAN Network AP Plug Jack Socket Connector

$3.27 - 10pcs 20cm Network Cat5E RJ45 Patch Cable



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