The BIG and SMALL ANTENNA topic part 2


so you buy antennas in a DUTCH shop ?

(Remko) #170

I prefer this one:

as the others have to much metal that can corrode.

(Radius) #171

yes, I will buy everything in dutch eschop, because in czech we are living 100 years before apes. I have found one eshop that have ic880a and price is same, like in dutch with shipping + ideetron has antennas, I don’t find good in czech republic + they have cables and connectors (this we will have here probably too).

We have this: vswr 2.5 :smiley:

I prefer SDBF0.5-868 too, but there are no reviews and I don’t know how to limit transmit power.

GP901C has bad frequency range: 870-960 MHz, when I look to my nodes, they are transmitting on range 867.1 - 868.5MHz. But one user from czech group says, that he has two antennas in Prag and they are good. He buys them from ideetron too.


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have a look here Antenna_gain in dBi or dBd?

(Ud Lo Ra) #173

Not too far from you there is a vendor from which someone here on the forum bought this antenna:


That’s me and I get very good results with this antenna.

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Last saturday at a national radio fleemarket I bought a set of two ADSB antennas. The goal was to study them and design my own scaled version for 868 MHz. Turns out it only really needs some change to the tuned ‘sleeve’. The only thing you need is some copper tape, a knife and a solding iron.





great find ! :sunglasses: