The hard RAK831 cafe part 2

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I found a few answers on here:

very useful… as for the pkt frd options, just finding lots of different repos is what I was getting after. (legacy udp seems the best right now?)

I already have a few pi’s doing spi… can’t I just add the RAK831 module to one of those? I’ll try node-red too, I was just using it to toggle the reset pin. pretty easy.


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ah… to answer my own question:

does anyone here use node-red to toggle the RAK831 reset pin?

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Why would you install over 70 megabyte of software to do what can by done with WiringPi (< 4MB) and a shell script of less than 20 lines?

Based on what did you reach this conclusion?

PI Zero RAK831 shield, cases

Should be:

Reading or at least scanning articles before asking for advice will be useful. :wink: is about hardware only and forwards to for setting up the software:

For RAK831 will get you covered
(without running into issues related to pin differences between RAK831 and iC880a).

Initially only addressed a RAK831-Zero based gateway,
but currently covers both RAK831 and iC880a based configurations and different Raspberry Pi devices
(not limited to just RAK831 with Raspberry Pi Zero W).

(I have updated the start topic and added above information.)

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How do I configure RAK831 with Rpi3 to work on indian band ?


LoRaWAN Frequency Plans and Regulations by Country.


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Have a look at :

Page 15/16



Hey Jens

Thanks, I did find that doc and it does explain about the diversity antennas but is not giving the normal antenna path as far as I can see.
My range is bad and I suspect that soldering the connector after it came loose may have caused damage, either that or the antenna that I got online or the cable that a friend made is bad.

The hard RAK831 cafe part 3

I’m new to the forums so apologies if this has been answered before but I’ve done a search and can’t find anything on this topic…

My configuration is

A RAK831 433MHz version
I follow the instruction of to make rpi3 based lora gateway
I just modify the global_config.json file according to Rak support recommandation and with my 433 frequency plan:
I add it to TTN with India 865-867MHz freq plan (as 433 is not available)
[ ]
I’m using a custom board with RFM98W 433mhz LoRa and Arduino Mini Pro.

For the testing I use basic tests programs comes with lora gateway library
util_pkt_logger program for record all the packets received in a log file and
util_tx_test program to send test packets with a LoRa concentrator

First problem I face that, I’m not able to send data from LoRa node to gateway and vice versa
and the second is when I use util_pkt_logger without starting the node, it received packets and store in log file, I attached the log of this, i don’t know from where it received data



A RAK831 433MHz version, and I add it to TTN with India 865-867MHz freq plan ?? :frowning:


Then which frequency plan I have to select?
I’m new to this so I don’t have an idea
When I read the guide it says select the frequency plan determined by your region the gateway uses
I am in India so i select 865-867
I found this from the below link
hope so you will help me for this


we continue in The hard RAK831 cafe part 3 :sunglasses: