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No, the (Dutch) page is online but maybe you were redirected to a non-existing English version (due to your browser language or location). Here’s a capture; click to enlarge.

I think the prices are per node, but MAYBE the prepaid can be used for multiple nodes? “Maandelijkse kosten” and “Kosten per maand” are cost per month. “Aantal per eindklant” is “number per customer”, and “buiten bundel” is when you exceeded the included numbers. “Activeringskosten per key” is activation cost per key, and “Eenmalige kosten” are one-off costs.

Well, Google Translate helps. :wink:



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31 days standby time … :wink:


Looks great. The only big disadvantage is that it’s not possible to run whatsapp or fb messenger. I realize some people may see that as an advantage, but this thing could become really popular if it would be possible though. Without I think most people would consider it as insufficient for their communication… It looks possible to me, so who knows someone will port it one day.


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