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HM Pacific will join Semtech at European Utility Week 2019, taking place in Paris, France, November 12-14, 2019.
IHM Pacific will exhibit its new LoRa-based energy metering solutions in booths M50 of Andrew Informatique and N128 of the LoRa Alliance.
Semtech will exhibit and demonstrate LoRa applications for utilities in booth Q90.

For more information about the conference -

Research Article : Designing Solar Energy Harvesting Sensor Nodes for Long-Range Monitoring


NEW - Arduino Nano Range







See: Single Channel Packet Forwarder - Not gateway [guidelines]

Extend battery life with the 60nA quiescent current TPS62840

Join us for The Things Network’s official Asia Pacific conference: November 18-19th 2019 in Adelaide Australia


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From the article:

…packaged into a simple subscription plan starting from as little as $1.00 per month for 500 MQTT messages consumed by a LoRaWAN Gateway, with no term contract

Unless they have the decimal point in wrong place I know some GW’s for which that could get very expensive very quickly!. And without GW owner control. Will encourage move from fully transparent ‘dumb’ GW’s handling and passing on all received traffic and allowing LNS on back end to drop or pass on those not needed - and thereby potentially allowing future roaming, peering or packet brokering models - over to more whitelisting and filtering/dropping at the GW level :frowning:

No doubt supporting all the emerging IoT Data/Dashboards and all that LoRaWAN traffic! :wink:

Uk based .eu registrations nearly halved … bureaucratic pratt’s strike again! Probably lost €1.5-2.0/yr in registration fees…

ESP32 Launched Into Space

Reporting from Shanghai, China
Oct 31, 2019

ESP32 has been used in a research project at the German Aerospace Center, developing a new commercial off-the-shelf on-board computer platform for sounding rockets.