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Imagination iEW220 Low Power Dual-band 802.11n WiFi IP Solution Targets IoT, Automation and Wearables

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A pair of interesting comments from article/report:

"The way Windows 10 is configured is critical, and the report concludes that if the Timeline is disabled and telemetry set to the lowest level, there are “no high data protection risks resulting from the diagnostic data collection in Windows 10”.

The Dutch report on Office 365 is less positive, particularly with regard to Office mobile apps and Office Online, for which “five high data protection risks” are identified."

“high” - What about medium/low :thinking:

Troubling when vedor response is

“We have put mitigations in place to prevent and detect this type of skill behavior and reject or take them down when identified,”

Many state or criminal actors ‘collect’ vulnerabilities and use then stealthily without responsible disclosure, and then only call them out once uncovered and disclosed by others… if living under an oppressive regime I would avoid such devices like the plague :thinking: correction if living < under an oppressive regime > Delete/strike through as appropriate, I would avoid such devices like the plague :rofl:

"Järlström discovered a problem with the timing of traffic lights in Beaverton, Oregon, after his wife Laurie received a $260 ticket for a red light violation from an automated traffic light camera in 2013.

Järlström, who studied electrical engineering in Sweden, challenged the ticket, arguing the timing interval for yellow lights fails to account for scenarios like a driver entering an intersection and slowing to make a turn. A slightly longer interval, he argued, would allow drivers making turns on a yellow light to exit intersections before the light turned red."


“In a way, history is repeating itself. The initial 1960 light timing work came about because one of the scientists involved believed he’d been wrongly ticketed. In email correspondence with Järlström, Maradudin explained that he became a co-author of the 1960 paper because another co-author, Robert Herman, invited him to spend time at the General Motors Technical Center to work on traffic light math. Herman did so, Maradudin said, because he had received a red light ticket that he felt was unfair.”

Moral: An old saying but true - Necessity is the mother of invention! :slight_smile:

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A Spectrum Analyzer For The Smart Response XE



ESP32@10MHz uses 8mA

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