The LIBRARY basement part 12

Welcome to the LIBRARY basement part 12.

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We continue with items of general interest or background here :slight_smile:
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Thanks to @Borroz et al for curating so far… :+1:

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Texas Instruments quietly kills of Distribution route to market in China

Distributors Brace for Life without TI

The global supply chain is still absorbing the impact of TI’s decision to drop six electronics distributors, including top-tier players Avnet Inc., World Peace Group (WPG) and WT Micro.

Learn how to set up your @SODAQ ONE V3 board to manage Uplink and Downlink messages through Ubidots using @thethingsntwrk as a #LoRaWAN network server.

— Ubidots (@ubidots) November 12, 2019

Ok so he used Sigfox vs LoRaWAN - he’s only 15 and still a lot to learn! :wink: Still I’m sure someone could adapt to LoRaWAN/TTN and replicate the undertaking…

Basics of a simple water and fertiliser/feed irrigation control and monitoring system

Uses Microsoft Azure + Arduino’s + basic plumbing/pumps

Github making life a bit easier/more convenient? Good for that emergency pull request or update push whilst on the road?!

The Nordic nRF52 series has been popular in a number of LoRaWAN nodes and often linked in TTN Forum articles…the new nRF53 series is out :slight_smile:

Wonder how long before we see production nodes or projects on this or hacking forums based on it? :thinking:

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Unfortunately, the aQFN (nRF52840, nRF5340) is harder to solder and need thinner trace and via than regular QFN (nRF52832). So we need to wait module implementing it :frowning:

Just 3 days to go…check out the programme & grab your tickets here

The journey of #TTN to fulfill the promise of #LoRaWAN:


will share his experience developing TTN as a scalable, multi-region deployment. We will hear his vision on the future of #LoRaWAN + more #TTNConfAP

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The Things Network…be part of it!


You are the Network - 'nuff said

Australia’s NNNco (LoRaWAN Infrastructure provider) in tie-up with EU’s Wellness Tech Group…

Another Smart-City/Smart Metering tie-up based on LoRaWAN :slight_smile:

Yet another dashboard solution, this time DIY vs cloud and using Telegraf, Influxdb, Grafana & Python3 running on RPi. Here pulling in data from OpenWeather as example…

…might bookmark and try myself with local & remote sesnors over the Xmas break :wink: