The LIBRARY basement part 12

~1 Million miles? Now how resilient is your node/GW software update/remote maintenance regime again?

HEADS UP! Anyone using Lets Encrypt Certs ?- be advised in case you are one of the 3M+! (TTN/TTI Admins?)

Updated to reflect todays (5th March) decision to hold off process given ~half done and potential impact to stability of sections of the internet/www infrastructure…and fact LE Certs die/renew every 90 days by default hence many will eventually fade…


Energy monitoring and movement for retail refrigerators etc. (Energy consumption, tamper alarming and theft protection?)


Latest US network announcement… with added crypto mining on the gateway?! WTF!!!

With Helium’s own open-sourced blockchain technology, individuals are incentivized to deploy Helium Hotspots, which simultaneously mine cryptocurrency and provide LoRaWAN network coverage for hundreds of square miles

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Interesting LPWAN growth projection per IHSMarkit (now called Omdia)


Looking good for LoRa/LoRaWAN :slight_smile:

Hi @Jeff-UK, thanks for posting the projected shipments. Do you know what the Y-axis represents? 50,000 of LoRa in 2019. What’s the ?? 50,000 might just be the number of gateway chipsets but seems far too low for sensor chipsets, etc. Or is it money and 50,000 is $50m??

Sorry, believe that is Ku radios hence ~50Mu/yr…focus would be on nodes vs gateways…

Latests (Q4) Semtech results out…predates major ramp/impact of Coronovirus but looks healthy, with LoRa/IoT a significant contributor :slight_smile:
Semtech Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2020 Results

Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq: SMTC), a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, today reported unaudited financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2020, which ended January 26, 2020.

Highlights for the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2020

  • Q4 FY2020 net sales of $138.0 million, GAAP EPS of $0.04 and non-GAAP EPS of $0.40
  • FY2020 net sales of $547.5 million, GAAP EPS of $0.47 and non-GAAP EPS of $1.52
  • Cash flow from operations was $45.3 million, or 33% of net sales, in Q4 FY2020 and was $118.6 million, or 22% of net sales, in FY2020
  • Refinanced the prior credit facility with a new $600.0 million revolving credit facility
  • Repurchased 0.5 million shares for $27.6 million in Q4 FY2020 and 1.5 million shares for $70.2 million in FY2020

Per Mohan (CEO)-
“We delivered fiscal Q4 results at the upper end of our guidance and ended with a solid finish to a challenging year. In fiscal year 2020, we continued to invest in our disruptive product platforms while delivering strong operating cash flow and are very well positioned in our target markets including hyper scale data centers and 5G infrastructure, Internet Of Things (IOT) and mobile systems.”

Another Asset Tracking use case variant:

Because of Corona in the Netherlands, all Universities have closed and moved to on-line classes. As a result of that my IOT students cannot benefit from the TTN coverage at our university. Therefore I have prepared 6 gateways to be issued to the project teams. Together with two TTN indoor gateways and a Microtik gateway (not on the picture) the students of my IoT class will be able to fill the gap in coverage at their house.

This way we do everything to finish the IOT class in 4 weeks!



Another large LoRaWAN Metering role out - this time in Germany:


Hate to see any company fail esp. in current economic circumstances but looks like 74 more lumps of space junk in play now… …though some may see a silver lining in that there could have been >600 lumps if they had progressed :thinking:

UK space startup OneWeb blames coronavirus as it files for bankruptcy protection in the US

OneWeb, the high-profile London-based satellite start-up, files for bankruptcy protection in the US. (OneWeb)

OneWeb, the high-profile London-based satellite start-up, files for bankruptcy protection in the US. (OneWeb)

A new record distance for LoRaWAN Tx/Rx? Nearly 775km with altitude >38km! :smile: Well done Thomas (& family!) for successfull balloon launch and tracking with TTN Mapper during todays TTVC session


Anyone wanting to see the full journey on You Tube go here

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LoRaWAN Best practices per Alexander O from todays TTVC session :slight_smile: (note opens as a link to .pdf file)



LoRa/LoRaWAN in Building/Estates management & Energy monitoring (again)

Useful if you are into ST’s MCU’s :wink:

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The article lacks a link to the GitHub location.
This is probly it: