The LIBRARY basement part 3

(Deux Vis) #65

… and this project uses the heltec boards we’ve been talking about around here those last days.


no that’s not the same board… we use 868 and this project uses 433 raw lora

(Deux Vis) #67

Well that TTGO board is a clone of the HELTEC ESP32 wifi lora kit (433 version indeed) with a bigger flash (16Mbytes !)

Too bad they don’t have (or do they ?) a 868 version.



Bluetooth Low Energy wirelessly connected in-ear thermometer


Gonzalo Casas ’ Open Network Infrastructure Association wins DINAcon award for Open Internet

congratz TTN Switserland !


source : SmartEaling :wink:



(Gry Kyo) #74

So this TI IC may be of interest to @Charles and the other TTN contributors with high power aversions! I know I have read Charles say he dislikes dividers, even high resistence as they do consume power etc. All above my pay grade to be honest, but in a week where we saw somebody scrounge ambient RF energy and use it to power a LoRa application with no battery are we getting close (with the research of people like Charles) to total power autonomy? This kind of micro harvester IC used with current clamps, thermo-elec peltier, tiny solar or even ambient RF power?
Here’s an interesting piece from Bigclive’s YouTube channel…




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Another IoT platform? :roll_eyes: