The LIBRARY basement part 4


KEYNOTE Sven Erik Haitjema - Open Source Hardware Development


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The big success of the conference 2018 had everything to do with your enthusiasm and hands-on spirit.
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KEYNOTE Jose Gabriel Marcelino - LoRaWAN modules analysis


KEYNOTE Eric Ptak - Payload formats for LPWAN Applications


KEYNOTE Jonathan Kaye - From Sheep to Freezers


KEYNOTE Stephen Marcus - Scaling companies with IoT products people want



KEYNOTE Tim Perry - Provision, manage & monitor gateways in production with


KEYNOTE Geoffroy Gosset - LPWAN endpoints will need energy harvesting to achieve scale


KEYNOTE Samir Hennaoui - ISM Bands vs Cellular IoT inside LPWA


see topic


KEYNOTE Jan Jongboom - Firmware Updates Over The Air


a series of blog-posts around the Smart Emission Platform, an Open Source software component framework that facilitates the acquisition, processing and (OGC web-API) unlocking of spatiotemporal sensor-data, mainly for Air Quality.


1 million-TTN enschede




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however response time to generate a graph is still very slow and buggy