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The last one is a scam :wink:

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Should table not reflect a standard area of coverage (then reflects density?) - I believe standard TTN community model kicks off with 10km radius but have seen some set at 20, 25…40km…more? ! Region vs large city vs town…makes comparisons ‘variable’…but a great success none the less :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to make an argument out of this, just mentioned it as it is a funny one – the problem here is not really the fact it is regional, but the area shape limited to a circle: to be able to cover Wallonia with a circle you actually cover whole Belgium, parts of France, The Netherlands and Germany. The Walloon region has in reality probably less than 10 gateways…

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circle is an issue for sure and also gives false impression of potential coverage - many sites are located on sides of hills or on valley edges and therefore have limited range ‘behind’ and perhaps ~ semicircle or large arc in front at best! :wink:

I’m looking at a large river valley deployment leading to a new community proposal where going up/down stream from center is maybe 20km each way but only 5-10km ‘wide’ for the proposed region/community - so an oval/elliptical option would be good…

I ‘spoke’ to @rish about alternate shapes earlier in the year and whilst a nice to have and a discussion for the future none circular options still look to be some way away…perhaps when new V3 out and back-end changes?



The overview is not reliable. The map shows 18 active and 4 inactive gateways for Friesland (province), not the listed 66.


Given the billions of IOT devices coming online replacing all those batteries is going to be a serious problem. This company called Face just came out with a new technology called Evercell which can passively generate electricity in any environment above absolute zero indefinitely.


In healthcare, a Find and Track system is an IoT solution used to provide immediate or real-time tracking
and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients within all types of patient care environments.


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Arduino + Linux? = Next gen Yun Rev 2 incoming soon!

RS taking back orders ready for 12/7 ship @£52 inc vat (£43 ex)
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Summary here:







sigfox… but still a good read on howto calibrate the sensors


Deep Learning at the Edge on an Arm Cortex-Powered Camera Board



Dual Axis Solar Tracker Panel with Auto and Manual Mode


We introduce a new open-source Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) protocol called WHIP
WHIP is a highly secure, long range, low power, bi-directional wireless network protocol that is compatible with a wide range of existing radio transceivers operating in the sub-GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum.



How AI and Tech Personal Assistants Will Make Your Life Easier