The LIBRARY basement part 6


With LoRaWAN get rid of the typical “there is no coverage”













How We Developed a System to Support IoT Payments part 1
How We Developed a System to Support IoT Payments part 2


Wavelite has commercialized a system from Stanford University that employs a modified Wi-Fi transmission to send everything from temperature and humidity data to pictures to a phone, tablet or laptop.
The HitchHike system was designed to be a low-cost alternative to RFID or BLE systems, since the data could be captured without requiring a reader appliance or gateway. Instead, the group developed a Wi-Fi tag that could be energized and prompted to transmit by the Wi-Fi router, and to then alter its signal and transmit it to a dedicated smartphone, tablet or computer. In that way, the system does not create a drag on the existing Wi-Fi network. In the meantime, the tag would capture any data from sensors connected to it, and that information would hitch a ride on that transmission.


All this runs on a low power, wide area network, or LoRaWAN already installed in Watford.